In keeping with our Catholic Tradition of a consistent ethic of life, from conception to natural death, this ministry identifies opportunities to increase awareness and action in sharing God’s love. We endeavor to focus on issues that are not currently undertaken by other St. Christopher ministries. One of the focuses is in the area of abortion that includes aspects as avoidance, adoption, pregnancy, abortion healing, as well as natural family planning. Other major issues that are addressed by its members are in the areas of war, the death penalty, human trafficking, and nursing home visitation. Efforts continue to be made in exploring a response to additional compassionate life issues that are integral with the consistent ethic of life in our Catholic Tradition.

For more info about the Respect for Life ministry please contact: Mark Folger or Paul Guenin at 317-627-2309.

Pregnancy Help:877-734-2444, Adoption info: 787-3412

Post-Abortion Healing: 317-452-0054

Archdiocesan Pro-Life Events

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