Canvas Learning for Educators

Learn How to Use Canvas in 10 Easy Steps

Canvas Learning for 9-12

Follow the 10 Steps below to learn how to use Canvas to support remote learning for your students. This tutorial will walk you through the essentials of learning how to set up your Canvas course and post assignments for your students.

To Access Canvas: Log in to Google with your SRCS username and password. Find the Canvas icon in your waffle or go to

10 Easy Steps to Getting Started with Canvas

  • Step 1 - Modify your Canvas Setting after you Log in

  • Step 2 - Customize Your Notifications

  • Step 3 - Access Your Courses

  • Step 4 - Upload A Syllabus

  • Step 5 - Add Assignments (Grading Columns)

  • Step 6 - Create Modules and Upload Files

  • Step 7 - Hide Unused Course Navigation

  • Step 8 - Select Your Homepage Layout

  • Step 9 - View the Course As A Student

  • Step 10 - Publish the Course

  • Take the Canvas Learning Quiz (15 short answers)

From the resource: 10 Steps To Getting Started with Canvas

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