Could my business benefit from the Small Business Doctor?

  1. Are there parts of running your business that you hate doing?
  2. Do you spend time on administrative tasks that distract you from doing what you do best for your business' profitability?
  3. Is your business ready to move to the next level but not sure how to get started?
  4. Do you feel that you're trapped working IN your business instead of ON your business?
  5. Do you think you should be earning higher profits but can't find the "leaks"?
  6. Do you know that you're leaving money on the table in negotiations, grant applications, or with suppliers?
  7. Could you use more working capital to grow your business?
  8. Are the interest rates on your loans and credit facilities too high?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, the Small Business Doctor can help you. Schedule a FREE LUNCH consultation today for a casual, comfortable conversation about how we might be able to help you meet your business goals!


The Small Business Doctor offers the services listed below. If you're looking for a service not listed, please ask! For more details, please click on the Small Business Doctor menu above.

  • budgets and budget projections including income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statements monthly and annually
  • contract writing, review and analysis
  • business plan writing
  • financial controller and analyst for hire
  • cost and margin analysis tools
  • government grant, lender and bank loan applications
  • debt consolidation and restructuring
  • project management
  • bill of materials and supplier price change impact analysis tools
  • breakeven analysis
  • inventory management and asset tracking in Excel
  • key performance indicator (KPI) development and reporting
  • website and social media development, management and updates
  • monthly, quarterly and annual government remittances
  • Sage50, Sage300, Quickbooks and GNUCash software installation, upgrades and company setups


Ben Wiper graduated from the University of Waterloo with a double major in Economics and Applied Studies with a finance specialization. He has owned and operated his own businesses since 2006, including an IT consulting company, Nerds On Site, a property rental company, Benny's Boat and Buggy Barn, a restaurant, Calabria Coastal Bistro, and a business consulting firm, Ben Wiper Consulting. As an employee, Ben has held the position of General Manager at a fish processing plant and Director of Finance & Administration at a value-added salmon manufacturer. For more information about Ben, please see his LinkedIn Profile.

Adele England graduated from St. Francis Xavier with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and then went on to obtain her law degree from Dalhousie University. While Adele no longer practices law and is not registered with the Newfoundland Bar Society, she is still able to contribute legal information, write and review contracts, and consult on strategy with our business clients.