Backup & Sync Solutions

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"You're only as good as your last tested, secure, backup"

Most businesses have some type of backup in place but usually it is:

  • untested: most businesses do not test that recovering data from their backup actually works
  • unsecured: most businesses do not encrypt their backups or isolate them such that they cannot be infected by malware
  • unscheduled: often times the backups are done at irregular intervals that don't correspond to the importance of the data added since last backup
  • unverified: are you sure that your secretary actually backed up the books to the USB drive Friday end of day?

Remove the risk to your data by having GNP Wireless Solutions implement a three-pronged off-site, cloud and on-site backup solution that protects your data against human error, malware, and the unexpected such as fire, theft or loss.

One easy way to add security to your backup is by using cloud backup and sync services. Not only is it a great way to backup, it also makes your files accessible online, on your phone, or on your tablet. GNP Wireless Solutions is an authorized reseller for G Suite by Google, Office365 by Microsoft and Backstage by Torusoft (using open source ownCloud and Kerio). Contact us today to learn more about moving your email, contact, calendar and files over to these services.

We are happy to meet with you to discuss comprehensive backup solutions to secure your data and important company files from the unexpected. Call or text us today at 709-454-7981 to schedule a no-fee, no-obligation free consultation and proposal.