Wired Networking Solutions

GNP Wireless Solutions

Nothing beats the reliability and performance of a hard-wired network

GNP Wireless Solutions also offers advanced networking services including firewall configurations, server setups, Virtual Private Network (VPN) setup, DNS and DHCP solutions, whitelist and blacklist security solutions, failover/backup internet connectivity, VLAN setup and just about any other network connectivity and security solution you could ever need. Looking to share an internet connection securely for business and guest usage at your business? Do you have a multi-tenant building and need to securely share the internet connection between multiple local area networks? Do you have multiple physical locations but want to connect them together to operate as a single unified network? We have you covered from basic to the most complex network configurations you want or need at your home or business.

Our professional installers ensure the most visually pleasing installation and mounting of your network equipment, including rack mounting. All of our installations come with a no-charge 30 day on-site support and follow-up agreement and a 90 day remote support and follow-up agreement so you can rest easy knowing that your network solution will work as advertised.

Contact us today or call 709-454-7981 for an on-site consultation to deliver the best performing network solution and quote for your home, office or outdoor area!