Remote Work Solutions

GNP Wireless Solutions

Remote Desktop Windows Servers, Remote Workers and Off-Site Server Hosting

Do you have businesses in multiple locations? Would you like to empower your employees to work from home or cut down on lost productivity from snow days and bad weather? Need or want to keep your data from prying eyes?

Regardless of the reason, more and more businesses are opting for remote access and remote work solutions to increase productivity, profitability and worker satisfaction.

GNP Wireless Solutions works with a number of vetted suppliers to host your programs, servers, and data in a central location allowing access from remote locations, your mobile phone or tablet with ease. Due to the lack of privacy and security of user data stored on servers in the USA, GNP Wireless only works with vendors who host your data on Canadian servers, offering much stronger data protection laws.

We recommend remote solutions for businesses who want to:

  • increase employee productivity
  • increase employee satisfaction
  • allow multiple accounting and bookkeeping staff to work simultaneously
  • connect multiple locations
  • have access to their data and programs anywhere in the world with an internet connection on their laptop, tablet or phone
  • operate with no physical location or office
  • increase privacy and security of their data

Our solutions come with a built-in disaster recovery and backup solution. All hosted servers are backed up daily with hourly backup options available. No need to rely on someone at the office to backup your critical accounting, customer, supplier or product data. Our hosted solutions take that burden off of you or your employees so you can focus on what you do best. Better yet, hosted solutions provide peace-of-mind against theft of data, loss of data from fire or flood, or unwanted access to your private information should your computers ever be seized (no data on the computer, all on the remote server).