3F Waste Recovery

A SkinnyPig Enterprise

Turning waste problems in the fishery, farming and forestry industries into profitable solutions

3F Waste Recovery is an innovative pre-commercial business that is focused on turning waste problems in the fishery, farming and forestry industries into profitable solutions. Our goal is to become the regional leader for environmental stewardship, full product utilization and manufacturing innovation.

Our first phase of products are manufactured from extracting marine collagen and marine oils from northern Cod and Atlantic salmon skins and fins, lanolin from sheep wool, and tallow and glycerin from moose, caribou and sheep bone.

Our business is currently in the financing stage and we are actively working on securing raw material suppliers, customers, investors, lenders and government partners to execute our well-defined business plan.

  • Customers: Do you perform value added manufacturing for the cosmetic, nutraceutical or pharmaceutical industry using marine oils, marine collagen, lanolin, tallow or glycerin? 3F can help you secure your supply of natural extracts for your production.
      • Looking to secure access to a new regional supply of cold-water marine collagen oils to meet growing customer demand for 'natural' ingredients?
      • Contact us for more information.
  • Raw material suppliers: Are you in the fishery, farming and agriculture or forestry industries and looking for ways to turn your waste expense into a revenue stream? We want to hear from you! We are actively seeking suppliers of:
      • northern cod skins and fins
      • Atlantic salmon skins and fins
      • sheep wool
      • moose, caribou and sheep bones
      • Atlantic blue mussel shells
  • Private Sector Investors: Are you in the waste management, cosmetics, nutraceutical, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, food or farming industry and looking for a great investment that complements your core business? Let's talk and see how we can collaborate to deliver accelerated growth and returns.
        • We have verbal commitments for 75% grant funding for our R&D projects
        • We have verbal commitments for an initial $1.25M in low-interest loans from government sources
                • All pending private equity contribution
  • Public and Bank Lenders: Are you engaged in growing your firm or agencies lending portfolio in ocean, green or clean technologies, agriculture or fisheries? We are actively seeking long-term relationships with lending partners to finance on-going R&D and acquisition of processing equipment to perform value added refining to our extracted products.

Request a copy of the 3F Waste Recovery Investor Prospectus