3F Waste Recovery

IMPACT! Import Substitution

Products manufactured in Newfoundland, with materials from Newfoundland, by and for Newfoundlanders

3F Waste Recovery's product mix offers a number of opportunities to substitute for products that are currently imported to the island, incurring high freight costs and overall costs to the businesses that use the products. Companies will save money by using import substitute products manufactured by 3F, including:

  1. Fertilizer: Our fish based compost produces higher yields at a lower cost and can replace imported fertilizers and environmentally harmful synthetic fertilizers
  2. Equipment Lubricant & Rust Protection: Our lanolin is CFIA approved for use in food manufacturing facilities and can be used to extend the life and protect any type of mechanical equipment that requires lubrication or rust protection. We envision 3F Lanolin being adopted by every manufacturing facility in Newfoundland and Labrador.
  3. Wastewater Treatment & Adsorbent: Our scallop and mussel shell based calcium carbonate products can be used to treat wastewater and absorb heavy metals and toxic dyes in water and sludge. We envision every municipality with an untreated town water supply using our adsorbent to improve the quality and safety of water supplies across the province and replacing imported synthetic water treatment chemicals.
  4. Paving and Construction Aggregate: Our crustacean shell products make excellent filler aggregate in concrete and asphalt blends. We envision the roads and buildings of Newfoundland and Labrador being built using 3Fs products as an ingredient, replacing imported materials with locally sourced, environmentally sound substitutes.
  5. Moisturizer Creams: Our collagen extract makes for an amazing moisturizer. We envision our moisturizer cream made from collagen extracted from cod and salmon skins on the shelves of gift shops, boutiques and cosmetic stores across the province.
  6. Soaps and Candles: Our glycerin extracts from animal and fish bones will be refined to manufacturer quality, niche market soaps and candles sold at reputable boutique retailers across the province.