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Cellular and Mobility Internet and Signal Boosting Solutions

We all know that cellular coverage on the Great Northern Peninsula is pretty much the pits right now, so GNP Wireless Solutions is here to help with affordable, reliable cellular solutions. Whether you are looking to boost the cell signal at your cabin or home, or looking to setup cellular internet access in your home or office, we have you covered. With over 20 years in cellular technology, including 6 years working for BlackBerry, you can feel confident in GNP Wireless Solutions expertise in the field to deliver the best solution.

Our professional installers ensure the most visually pleasing installation and mounting of your cellular devices and antennas. All of our installations come with a no-charge 30 day on-site support and follow-up agreement and a 90 day remote support and follow-up agreement so you can rest easy knowing that your cellular and mobility solution will work as advertised.

Tired of slow internet speeds at your home or office? Did you know what LTE data speeds are 3 to 4X faster than the hard-wired Bell Aliant internet connections available in the GNP? By negotiating a reasonable data plan rate with Bell, we are able to get your business connected in the fast lane for a competitive price.

Our mobility signal booster solutions can boost incoming signals by up to 32X so there are very few locations we cannot get a signal too.

Contact us today or call 709-454-7981 for an on-site consultation to deliver the best performing cellular and mobility solution and quote for your home, office or outdoor area!