3F Waste Recovery

Vision & Mission Statements

Mission Statement

Turning fish, farm and forest waste problems into profitable solutions by manufacturing innovative, sustainable, local products from the waste by-products of other industries on the island of Newfoundland, diverting 98% or more of the sourced raw materials from landfills. Not only are our products innovative but they are manufactured with odour minimization as a primary goal. All of our products are manufactured to be of the highest quality, proudly manufactured using raw materials from Newfoundland, by Newfoundlanders in Newfoundland.

Vision Statement

3F Waste Recovery seeks to be the business leader in the region and on the world stage, exemplifying the value that being a socially responsible business is good business. Doing good for others and earning a tidy profit are not mutually exclusive endeavours. The days of a corporation's sole responsibility being to maximize the profits of its shareholders has passed us by; customers are demanding social and environmental awareness as a prerequisite to their purchase decision and on-going company loyalty.

Three years from now 3F will be a leader in sustainability, recycling, and resource maximization that sets the bar to which other businesses aspire. 3F excels as a steward of the environment and economy in the region. Our investments in odour minimization and elimination have succeeded in destigmatizing waste management in populated areas and opened up new opportunities for growth. Our investors have reaped the rewards of supporting a transformational paradigm shift in the waste management industry. Our customers love the “Made in Newfoundland” product mix we manufacture and recognize the value of buying local and keeping the money circulating in the local economy. Our suppliers’ businesses have reaped the benefits of converting waste into a revenue stream instead of an expense and view 3F as a critical component of their waste management and cost recovery strategies. Our provincial and federal government and lending partners are proud to have supported such a unique, innovative venture and use 3F as a success story to encourage other entrepreneurs in rural Newfoundland & Labrador to adopt similar methodologies and processes.