3F Waste Recovery

IMPACT! Food Security

More food grown, manufactured and consumed in Newfoundland

The provincial "The Way Forward on Agriculture" plan has stated goals of increasing food security on the island to 20% or higher by 2030. 3F Waste Recovery contributes to these goals in 2 key ways.

  1. Food Recovery: By mechanically processing fish heads and frames to maximize yields from our ocean sourced food supply, 3F will contribute up to 300,000LB of additional seafood to the local market in the form of tongues, cheeks, collars and mince. Currently much of this food goes to waste or is used for animal feed because it is not processed quickly enough or frozen to maintain quality by primary processors.
  2. High yield compost: Our fish based compost product has been proven to increase yields by 40-60% according to the Soil Conservation Society of Canada. Higher yields means more food being produced per acre of farm land. Not only do we increase food security but we contribute to higher profitability for our farm customers.

Our compost and food products will be manufactured in 2 separate facilities and operate with CFIA approval. Raw material suppliers will have different product specifications depending on the use of the incoming raw material. Raw material suppliers that do not meet our strict quality standards for food grade products will have their products rejected or assigned another use and a correspondingly lower price per LB.