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GNP Wireless Solutions

Wireless that just works!

GNP Wireless Solutions offers complete WiFi solutions for small and large wireless deployments. We use only the best, most reputable hardware in our solutions. Our WiFi mesh network solutions have built-in redundancy and fail-overs to keep your clients happy and employees productive. If you want wireless to just work for your customers and a head-ache free experience, you have come to the right place. With over 15 years experience installing wireless solutions at marinas, campgrounds, golf courses, parks, hotels, motels, homes and offices, GNP Wireless Solutions has a rock-solid solution for you and your business. Our leading edge solutions also allow you to gain valuable insights about your customers based on their wireless usage. Our professional installers ensure the most visually pleasing installation and mounting of your wireless devices and antennas. All of our installations come with a no-charge 30 day on-site support and follow-up agreement and a 90 day remote support and follow-up agreement so you can rest easy knowing that your WiFi solution will work as advertised.

Contact us today or call 709-454-7981 for an on-site consultation to deliver the best performing WiFi solution and quote for your home, office or outdoor area!