WoShi is a tool for coordinating employee schedules. The new found advantage, that WoShi offers you is that the problem solving part of the process is completely automated, which means that finding the scheduling solution is no longer yours, but instead the computer's job. All you need to do, (baring a bit of inconsistency clarification in the follow-up) is to provide WoShi with the following data:

  • For each day of the week, month or year, the number of employees working in specific time periods. (e.g., for a given day: 2 people must be in office from 8am to 11am, 1 person must be in office from 11am to 3pm, and 3 people from 3pm to 7pm.)
  • Employee absences
  • Miscellaneous requests and settings
  • You need to make sure that all the constraints and requirements you enter, also observe any and all legislative regulations that apply to areas where your organisation operates.
  • For each employee, the shifts that may be assigned to him or her on different days of the week and holidays.
  • Other guidelines that will help WoShi find a result that is optimal for your preferences.
WoShi will compose the employee schedules, based on the data and specifications that you provide.
From registration to schedule:

  • Register your new account
  • Login
  • Input the employees which WoShi will organize
  • Input shifts
  • Create a new schedule and set its constraints and requirements
  • Build schedule by pressing the green start button
  • View the current state of the schedule as it is being built.
  • If you decide to continue to use the software beyond the 1 month free trial period, complete the form in order to request a written offer (complete with recommended terms of payment).

First schedule

Upon logging in for the first time, you are sent to the main application page. Since you are yet to create any schedules, the current and archived schedules lists are still empty.

This manual, as well as the intuitive, user friendly structure of the application, will lead you step by step through the entire process of creating a schedule.

First, you will be asked to list all the employees that you wish to have available for inclusion into future worker schedules of your organisation. Also, you will be asked to enter the duration of the shifts that you need filled. You can find detailed instructions on how to do all this, in the section of this manual titled Master data.

Later, when you are done with these small preparatory phases, it is time to set up the constraints and preferences, that will then guide the computer-creation of your first WoShi schedule.
First enter the employees!

In the menu, select (under Master data):
1.Workers (employees) –Input the employees. 2.Shifts – Input the shifts that your working process requires.
3.Skills Input all the skill-sets by which the employees of your organisation are 4.differentiated.
5.Worker skills – Appropriately assign skill-sets to individual employees.
Finally: New schedule – set up your first schedule

The sections titled "skills" and "worker-skills" are optional, and only apply, if your organisation requires skill-differentiation. Should you visit those sections, you will be asked to list all the skills, that people in your organisation have. And then workers and skills have to be linked together. Which skills does each worker have?

We recommend using the latest version of either Chrome, Firefox or Yandex browsers.

Unfortunately, we are not quite up to speed with Internet Explorer or EDGE browsers. Thus, you will not be able to utilize the proper and full functionality of the WoShi web application on those browsers.