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Currently, I have ONE major research project.  Through a new farm business, Woodland Valley Meadows Farm, I am establishing a set of long-term agro-ecology experiments examining different ways to manage orchards embedded within native plant ecosystems. One of the more important experimental systems is based on the Streuobstwiesen found in Germany and related wooded meadows found in eastern Europe. As soon as the investors are satisfied that the orchards are in place, we will post a web site and link here to share data as the project proceeds. 

For about 20 years I worked as a research scientist through University of Florida and University of Hawai`i. This involved hundreds of projects employing many people and taking place in dozens of countries. This differed from consulting work in that its purpose was to produce publications and presentations open to the public. Also, this work was mostly funded by public resources while consulting efforts were sponsored by private companies and some government agencies. Some projects lasted days while a few lasted for decades.

Some examples of major projects are: