Will McClatchey

Currently, I am living and working in the Eugene, Oregon area. Valerie (my wife) and I returned home to Oregon after living away for 25 years in Hawai`i and elsewhere in the world. I grew up in Oregon on a small farm and worked in my early career as a pharmacist, logger, and ranch hand. While away from Oregon I continued to work as a pharmacist, then consultant in herbal products development, and often in natural product drug exploration. Over the last decade consulting has mostly focused on development of sustainable methods for managing crops such as apples, grapes, and other perennial fruiting plants. 

My work focus is split now roughly into four areas: pharmacy (~30 hours/week), farming/consulting (~30 hours/week), research (~10 hours/week) and education (~10 hours/week). I enjoy each of these in different ways. This may sound like a lot of work but I have always been very efficient with time and still find about 40 hours each week to do fun things with Valerie. We enjoy hiking, gardening, games, movies, community events, and spending time with friends and family. Below are links to the parts of my life that could be labeled as "work" but that I find to be enjoyment!

Pharmacist - Actively engaging and empowering patients through knowledge and therapeutic assessments.

Consultant - Working with plants and 
people to find solutions for community needs.

Researcher - Working on orchard management systems that integrate production and ecosystem services.

Educator - Creating opportunities to 
practice field research methods for conservation and ethnobiology sciences.