A sustained investigation (Concentration Activities)

Trigger your own upward spiral

Embrace happiness

Appreciate shapes

Create > Serenity Reflection > http://goo.gl/DBSk58

Savor a simultaneous dimension

Create > Interest Silhouette > http://goo.gl/7ufG70

Add drama to your explorations

Create > Hope Vignette > http://goo.gl/Eyb9W9

Emphasize your possibilities

Create > Pride Framing > http://goo.gl/xvCFlR

Bring attention to your achievements

Create > Amusement Motion > http://goo.gl/9LwFFE

Express action!

Create > Inspiration POV > http://goo.gl/fNVmsk

Acknowledge your perspectives

Create > Awe Landscape > http://goo.gl/Hdi2GU

Absorb the grandeur

Create > Love Candid Body Language > http://goo.gl/x1lZNQ

Be yourself