Serenity / Reflection

Post date: Nov 18, 2010 4:22:45 PM


Please complete the following activities today and this weekend.

1. If you have not completed the Serenity pre-shot worksheet, complete it and save it and give it to me on Monday.

2. View the embedded slideshow of reflection photographs for more ideas on serenity / reflection photographs.

3. This weekend you need to take at least 20 serenity - reflection photographs. Use your serenity pre-shot worksheet to help you find the right place and/or subject-matter. On Monday you will upload them to your picassa web album (you could also do that this weekend if you wish)

4. Open the attached Lomography tutorial and complete it using one of your images.

5. After you complete the tutorial, save it as a .jpeg and publish it to the Falcon Art Blog.

1 - Serenity - Reflection