Awe - Landscape Photo Challenge

Post date: Mar 28, 2011 4:52:23 PM

Challenge Requirements:

If you wish to earn an A for this challenge, you must successfully complete all the following tutorials and documents plus achieve a cumulative score greater than 32 on the assessment rubric.

Start Here:

Watch the Awe – Landscape Presentation

The Awe/Landscape Album:

________1. Photo Challenge – 4 images – Awe/Landscape Photographs (Straight or Image-Stitched)

________2. Tutorial – Enhancing Color with Photo Filters

________3. Tutorial – Enhancing the Sky

________4. Tutorial – Fake Miniature Model

________5. Tutorial – Panorama Image Stitching

________6. Tutorial – Surreal Landscape

The Awe/Landscape Docs:

________7. Worksheet – Pre-Shot Emotion Questions

________8. Worksheet – Taxonomy Questions

________9. Assessment – Image Analysis – Principles of Design 1

________10. Assessment – Image Analysis – Principles of Design 2

________11. Assessment - Rubric

Awe/Landscape Photography Challenge:


Explore and be aware of your environment and then document it by publishing* a series of at least four awesome landscape and/or panoramic photographs. Include answers to the following:

1. Where are these places located?

2. How might this place affect people or have people affected it?

3. What physical processes shaped the features, patterns and textures of these places?

4. What was the most exciting part of this assignment?

*See the How to Publish my photography challenge document