Photo Challenges

Digital Photography Challenges

Unit 1:

About Digital Photography

  1. Camera Settings
  2. Scavenger Hunt
  3. Adobe Photoshop
  4. Web-based Photo Albums
  5. Photography Critique and Evaluation
  6. Formal Method of Visual Analysis
  7. Making Great Photographs Composition and Design

Unit 2:

Meaning in Photography

  1. Positivity Defined
  2. Broaden Your Mind
  3. Build Your Best Future

Unit 3:

Photography Challenges

  1. The Joy Album: Close-Up Photographs
  2. The Gratitude Album: Shape Photographs
  3. The Serenity Album: Reflection Photographs
  4. The Interest Album: Silhouette Photographs
  5. The Hope Album: Vignette Photographs
  6. The Pride Album: Framing Photographs
  7. The Amusement Album: Slow Shutter Photographs
  8. The Inspiration Album: Point of View Series Photographs
  9. The Awe Album: Landscape Photographs
  10. The Love Album: Body Language Photographs