Belief, Mission, & Strategy

Our Belief:

Quality work in the visual arts, with an emphasis towards mastery, has positive and beneficial cognitive consequences.

Our Mission:

We will lead a learning community that ensures all students acquire the knowledge, skills, and character to be effective and successful designers.

We will instill habits of the mind required to meet challenging conditions and move student achievement beyond just remembering to creating.

Our Strategies:

1. Promoting Your Voice:

We will guide you to fully develop compositions that show excellence in concept, composition, and execution. We will encourage you to take informed risks, explore materials and ideas, and invent art making processes as you seek a personal form of expression, in other words, 'your voice.’

2. Improving Your Skills:

Your achievements are assessed through a critique process that addresses the conceptual, technical, and formal qualities of your works of art. This process allows you to build a vocabulary, apply standards, be self critical and self-correct.

3. Building Your Portfolio:

Every Westosha Art course focuses its activities and projects so that all students will compile and construct a comprehensive portfolio of artwork in preparation to earn Advanced Placement college credits.

2011 8th grade
8th Grade Analogy Lesson
8th Grade Visual Analogys