Our Mission:

Will will lead a learning community that ensures all students acquire the knowledge, skills, and character to be effective and successful designers.

We will instill habits of the mind required to meet challenging conditions and move student achievement beyond just remembering to creating.

- We will be inspiring, intellectual collaborators.

- We will expand fine arts opportunities.

- We will explore traditional and future oriented experiences.

- We will understand artistic concepts, structures, and forms.

- We will be prepared for the demands of the 21st century.

Promote Your Voice:

The Falcon Arts Department believes that quality work in the visual arts, with an emphasis towards mastery, has positive and beneficial cognitive consequences. Our mission is to provide and support a learning community that ensures all students acquire the knowledge, skills, and character to be effective and successful collaborators. We emphasize positive progress through meaningful participation and illuminating contributions. We endeavor to increase student achievement through problem solving, creativity, skill development, and critical analysis. We encourage students to fully develop art works that show evidence of mastery and or excellence in concept, composition, and execution. In other words, we advocate for our students to take informed risks, explore materials and ideas, and invent art making processes as they seek a personal form of expression -'their visual voice'.

Improve Your Skills:

Student achievement is assessed through a critique process that addresses the conceptual, technical, and formal qualities of works of art. When applied to a student’s art work, this process allows students to build a vocabulary, apply standards, be self critical and self-correct. When applied to a significant historical artist or contemporary artist’s work, students develop the knowledge of how to view, assess, and discuss works of art. Students are further encouraged to use the critique process and the exposure to significant historical and contemporary artists as a reference and source of inspiration.

Build Your Portfolio:

Every visual art course at Central High focuses its activities and projects so that all students will compile and construct a comprehensive portfolio of art work in preparation to earn Advanced Placement college credits.

The College Board’s AP Program provides a means by which talented students in the visual arts can receive college credit and/ or advanced placement while still in high school. AP Studio Art sets a national standard of performance in the visual arts based on student portfolios dealing with concept, composition, and execution of artwork. Rather than taking an examination, AP Studio Art students compile a portfolio of work created over a period of time and submit it for evaluation.

The AP Studio Art Program offers three portfolios: Drawing, 2-D Design, and 3-D Design. The portfolios share a basic, three-section structure (Breadth, Concentration, Quality), which requires the student to show a fundamental competence and range of understanding in visual concerns and methods.

The visual arts are a critical component of our growth as human beings. Whether we are viewing or producing art, we are developing the skills of problem solving, communication, decision making, and discipline. Visual literacy is carried with us for the rest of our lives. We believe that the AP program sets a national standard for performance in the visual arts that contributes to the significant role the arts play in the academic environment.