Design Systems

Applying design to the process of invention and discovery


  1. Micro-Structure

  2. Fruit Cross Section Structure Analysis

  3. Mind Mapping


  1. Observational form drawing

  2. Micro-Structure Form & Fine Artwork

  3. Fruit Form & Fine Artwork

  4. Mind Mapping Fine Artwork or Give Form to Children's Shape Drawings

  5. Formscape

Design is Order

  1. Organizational Geometrics

  2. Design by Chance

Systems and Order

  1. En plein air industrial system drawing

  2. Design from industrial system

Elements and Principles of Design

  1. Texture Re-Materialization

  2. Block Patterns Self Portrait

  3. Portrait Patterning

Definitions of Space

  1. Sighting a Room

  2. Progressive Zoom

  3. Renaissance Remix

  4. Fantasy in Perspective