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Working towards a fibre network for the Wamboin, Bywong and Sutton Region (WBSR)

Wamboin Communications Action Group - Wamboin, Bywong & Sutton

$5M grant towards Fibre broadband in Wamboin, Bywong & the Sutton Region!

Yes it is true! The Wamboin Communications Action Group has managed to obtain a $5M grant towards the cost of installing a fibre optic network around the Wamboin, Bywong and Sutton Region (WBSR).

The Wamboin Communications Action Group is in discussions with third party providers to lay and operate a fibre optic network, giving everyone who chooses to connect a superfast internet, far faster and more reliable than the satellite service NBN is offering and at a cost comparable to what our friends in Canberra pay.

The grant is thanks to the NSW Government with support provided from our local member, John Barilaro MP, in relation to our submission being approved. The funds to enable the grant have been allocated out of the Regional Growth Fund, a direct result of the sale of Snowy Hydro to the Federal Government.

It is very important that we can contact everyone in the area of WBSR so that we ensure that every property is included in the roll-out plan.

We are not asking for a financial commitment to anything right now but if you sign up now then we shall make every attempt to include your property on the cable routes being considered. If you leave it until later, when the cables are already in place, then you may not be able to be connected at all, or the connection cost will be far higher.

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We will keep you up to date with developments and try our best to lobby internet network providers to set up shop in our area. With the goal of providing choices in connectivity that are better than the current ADSLx, while ensuring affordability and reliability.


The Wamboin Communications Action Group is a group of local Wamboin, Bywong and Sutton Region residents who are actively seeking to improve our communities access to communications (focusing on our future Internet connectivity options).

We are strictly a non-commercial collective of like-minded residents that wishes to improve our Wamboin/Bywong/Sutton area's access to high speed internet.

Our Mission

To lobby for, engage with and otherwise champion the cause of obtaining fast, reliable and affordable internet for Wamboin and surrounding districts.

Without action we will be burdened with a slow, and very expensive communications option (SkyMuster NBN satellite) when we are very close to the civilised world of Canberra and Queanbeyan.

The Wamboin Communications Action Group wishes to raise the awareness of the local community of their current fate, and help action a push for something better.

The NBN Sky Muster Satellite Service is NOT fit for purpose
We deserve better!

Why should I care?  My ADSL is fine!

The WCAG has spoken to dozens of residents who have reported issues with their copper-based phone and ADSL services. Most have experienced delays of weeks, if not months, in having these repaired. Some have told us that Telstra will not repair services at all and are being provided a 4G phone instead–for calls only, no data!

This still meets Telstra’s obligation to provide a phone service under the Universal Service Obligation (USO) but these residents no longer have access to any ADSL based internet service. There are now serious concerns being expressed that, with the USO rumoured to end in 2022, Telstra may cease supporting most copper services (including ADSL), especially in less profitable and high maintenance areas like ours.

As NBN require that all ADSL services in wired areas to be terminated 18 months after the NBN services becomes available, the incentive to maintain this technology in the remaining 7% of the nation is low.

Contact Us

Have something to say? Want to provide help? Feel free to contact us.

You can always contact us by emailing: wamboincommunications@gmail.com

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