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Wamboin Communications Action Group - Wamboin, Bywong & Sutton

Fibre broadband in Wamboin, Bywong & the Sutton Region!

Yes it's true, the Wamboin Communications Action Group is in discussions with a third party to lay fibre optic cable around this area, giving everyone who chooses to connect a superfast internet connection, far faster and more reliable than the satellite service NBN is offering and at a cost comparable to what our friends in Canberra pay.

We need to know the locations of those residents interested in getting fast fibre broadband so that we can begin to plan possible fibre paths. We are not asking for a commitment to anything right now but if you sign up at the start then we shall make every attempt to include your property on the cable routes being considered. If you leave it until later, when the cables are already in place, then you may not be able to be connected at all, or the connection cost may be far higher.

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What do you have to lose? Don't delay, sign up today.

There are two steps to signing up:

1. Join WCAG for general project updates (we won't divulge your information to others)

2. If you are interested in getting the high-speed fibre access visit SmartFarmNet's survey to register your interest (since we won't divulge your info to a third party you need to do this yourself)

Join WCAG Now

You will be asked to provide your email and residential address. The more you fill out the better we can help you.

Join Now

We will keep you up to date with developments and try our best to lobby internet network providers to set up shop in our area. With the goal of providing choices in connectivity that are better than the current ADSLx, while ensuring affordability and reliability.

Register your interest for fibre broadband with SFN (3rd Party)

If you have joined WCAG, and are also interested in the potential fibre network to your home we have been working on together with SmartFarmNet (SFN), please register your interest directly with them (we promised not to divulge your information to third parties, so you need to do this yourself).

SFN Fibre registration of interest


The Wamboin Communications Action Group is a group of local Wamboin residents who are actively seeking to improve our communities access to communications (focusing on our future Internet connectivity options).

We are strictly a non-commercial collective of like-minded residents that wishes to improve our Wamboin/Bywong/Sutton area's access to high speed internet.

Our Mission

To lobby for, engage with and otherwise champion the cause of obtaining fast, reliable and affordable internet for Wamboin and surrounding districts.

Without action we will be burdened with a slow, and very expensive communications option (SkyMuster NBN satellite) when we are very close to the civilised world of Canberra and Queanbeyan.

The Wamboin Communications Action Group wishes to raise the awareness of the local community of their current fate, and help action a push for something better.

The NBN Sky Muster Satellite Service is NOT fit for purpose
We deserve better!
Contact Us
Have something to say? Want to provide help? Feel free to contact us.

You can always contact us by emailing: wamboincommunications@gmail.com

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