Comments On Storyblocks Free Trial Being Removed

Latest Updates From Storyblocks:

Imho Reviews has recently discussed the latest Storyblocks updates. "Storyblocks is one of the best stock video platforms out there that has an impressive and constantly growing video, images and audio library. A few months ago Storyblocks announced that there were shutting down their Marketplace because less than 5% of their customers ever used it. The company chose a different route and decided to focus on adding more content to the library, and it looks like this approach is already working." - commented Vitaliy, the founder of Imho Reviews.

Changes in Storyblocks Free Trial:

Another feature that Storyblocks is getting rid of is their free trial. It came as no surprise to many users because over the past years the company has changed the terms of the trial. Before, the free trial users could download 140 HD and 4k videos, but lately, new users who signed up for Storyblocks free trial would only get 5 HD videos. Many people would sign up for a free trial without reading the terms of service beforehand, and because of that, there were a lot of complaints from customers who signed up for a trial without realizing that they will be charged a monthly fee after the trial ends if they don't cancel their membership.

Imho Reviews Thoughts On Storyblocks Updates

"Stoyblocks is a company that always puts their customers first. They spent months trying to figure out the way to keep the free trial and make sure all the users know about their refund and cancellation policies. However, they soon realized that the free trial with an automatic renewal only created frustration for their customers and caused them to have a bad experience with their product. Plus, after Storyblocks updated their pricing model and began to offer low-cost monthly plans, they discovered that continuing to have special offers in addition to different plans only created confusion for their customers. The company wants to make sure their customers are getting exactly what they are signing up for without any worries about subscription renewals at higher rates. Therefore, they made a decision to remove the free trial feature. Personally, I believe that it's a good thing. In our latest series of videos, we discussed why it's often better to purchase Storyblocks subscription rather than sign up for a free trial first. I understand that it may be tempting to sign up for a free trial but it's not that simple. That is why I always tell people to actually read the terms first to make sure they know whether the free trial is a good choice for them," - shared Vitaliy.

Storyblocks haven't announced when exactly they are planning to remove the free trial from the platform. But it's clear already that with all the changes happening to Storyblocks, the company is headed in the right direction.

More Updates From Imho Reviews:

In the near future, Imho Reviews will release an updated and full review of Storyblocks that will help anyone who is interested in joining the platform to get a complete understanding of how the service works. The review will talk about all the key features, discuss the pros and cons, and compare Storyblocks with other popular stock footage services.