Audible vs. Scribd Review Reveals Which Audiobook Platform Is The Best

IMHO Reviews have just published a new review on their website comparing two of the most popular audiobook subscription services - Audible and Scribd. This review was highly anticipated by many of IMHO Reviews subscribers.

"We got multiple requests from our readers to make this review. Even though there are numerous audiobook platforms on the market today, Audible and Scribd still remain the most sought after of all the other similar services. We did review each of the platforms before but this time we decided to do something different and compared Scribd vs Audible ." - said Vitaliy, the founder of IMHO Reviews.

The article came out at a perfect time as millions of people have been stuck at home for weeks because of the quarantine and many are looking for ways to educate and entertain themselves during self-isolation. Audiobooks can help to reduce stress, ease anxiety, and they are great for learning and can teach you new skills very fast.

In their article, IMHO Reviews described how both Audible and Scribd work and talked about the main differences between these two platforms.

"Scribd has a Netflix-style business model. For a flat monthly fee of $8,99 members get unlimited access to Scribd's library of audiobooks, e-books, magazines, sheet music, and more. Audible has a different model. They offer different plans, the most popular are Gold Monthly and Platinum Monthly that cost $14,95 and $22,95 a month, respectively. For that price, you get either 1 or 2 audiobooks, plus 2 Audible Originals of your choice." - shared Vitaliy.

Although Scribd membership seems like a much better deal because of its low price and a wider range of products included, IMHO Reviews explained that Audible has many advantages over its competitor such as a much bigger audiobook library, better audio quality, more features offered, easy return and exchange policy, and excellent customer service. Another thing mentioned in the review is that Audible members own all the books they download and they get to keep them even if they cancel their subscription, while Scribd only allows renting books. It was also revealed in the article that some Scribd users complained that they were unable to read more than 4 books a month even though the subscription supposed to be unlimited. IMHO Reviews will further investigate these claims and update their readers on this issue in the near future.

According to IMHO Reviews, Scribd is a perfect choice for those people who are on a tight budget and those who are interested in other products that the platform offers, such as sheet music, e-books, and magazines. However, people who are just looking for a subscription service to listen to audiobooks would probably enjoy Audible more because of its extensive library and many perks that are included in the membership. IMHO Reviews suggest signing up for a free trial with both Audible and Scribd first to see which one best suits your needs and make a final decision afterward.

At this moment, Audible has also made hundreds of children's books in several languages free to the public to help people during school closure due to the coronavirus pandemic.

IMHO Reviews stated that this Audible vs. Scribd review is the first one in the series, and soon we can expect to see more comparison reviews of various services, including educational platforms, stock footage services, and audiobooks websites.