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There are many advantages of as compared to other traveling service providers such as Airbnb. Here are the pros of


1. allows you to plan your trip from a single platform. You can book your hotels, flights, rental cars, airport taxis, and restaurant reservations all under one roof, which saves you time and money.

2. The price-match guarantee that offers you a reimbursement if you pay more than you actually should is great and saves you money.


1. The biggest con to as compared to other travel websites is that you won’t get price change notifications.


To conclude, let compare to Airbnb. Like, Airbnb offers accommodation services. The major difference between the two is that Airbnb focuses only on accommodation services while allows you to fully plan your trip. Another difference is that anyone with accommodation can list on Airbnb. allows only licensed tourism and hotel operators to list. is a comprehensive site offering many great services under one roof. For any traveler, it’s a service worth checking out.

 Review: Everything you need for efficient traveling under one roof is not only a site that features reviews for travel destinations and resorts around the world but it is also a useful tool often visited by many travelers before they embark on their journey. has brought many advantages to the traveling industry, the greatest one being that it has made it possible for travelers from all over the world to plan their trip beforehand from the comfort of their home. For example, if you have a safari trip to Kenya, will help you plan your trip to the dot by choosing the best Safari provider for your trip and reserving your accommodations before stepping foot in Kenya. In turn, what this means is that you won’t be met with any surprises when you finally get into the country as everything would be on point and reserved for you.

What is

The previous paragraphs covered a bit on how works and have given us a bit of insight into what the platform is all about. is primarily a website that is owned by a traveling company named booking holdings. is a hotel, restaurant, and taxi booking services that afford travelers from all over the world the opportunity to organize and plan their trip through their platform.

The platform has many features to give you a great traveling experience. Some of the available features include the ability to search for the best-traveling destinations by making use of price, location, and distance filters.

Available Accommodations On

When booking for accommodations through, you will not only be limited to hotels. Like Airbnb (Full review of airbnb and coupon can be found here), you can find all sorts of accommodations including hostels, resorts, villas, cabins, apartments, and lodges. This makes a great uber alternative especially for solo travelers who often have to find deals that helps them save money.

One great thing about is their price-match guarantee. Let’s say you book a hostel and later on find a hostel of the same standard at a cheaper rate than the one you would have booked. In such a case, will reimburse the difference to you. Moreover, this price-match guarantee is not only for accommodations, but it’s also available for all other services offered via the site including taxi and restaurant reservations. More about Best Travel Apps 2019 here.

How does work?

Again, we had looked into this on the introductory paragraphs but it’s worth taking a deeper and more detailed look into. uses a three-step process. When you sign up to the platform, they will provide you with a range of tools that you can use to simplify the planning of your trip. The three-step process starts with booking, then traveling and finally reviewing. Here is a detailed brief of each step.

1. Booking

To make it easy for you to book your accommodations, restaurants, and taxis, will give you a range of tools. The most significant tool is the search functionality. You can filter your search by amount, location, nearby resorts and meals offered. When you pick your accommodation, you will be asked, through a front-end calendar to state how long you will stay in your chosen accommodations.

2. Traveling

After you are done with your booking, the next step would be to do the actual traveling. Depending on your destination of travel, will allow you to organize your travels through their platforms as well. This means you will be able to arrange everything from your airfare to the destination to the taxi that will take you to the exact destination of your accommodation service.

3. Review

After you are done with your trip, the next step would be to leave a review. Reviews on serve two purposes. The first one is that they are a stamp of approval of the destination’s and resort’s reputation. Secondly, they are there to help other travelers like yourself with relevant information and warn them for things that may be out of place with the destination.

Features Available On


Sometimes, the best insights you can get are from travelers like yourself. Through the community, you will be able to interact and share tips and ideas with other travelers from all around the globe. The community can be a valuable resource especially if you are traveling to countries with uncertain economies where not everything will be straightforward. As they say, experience is the best teacher.


The review system is one of the most efficient for any travel site. reviews are important in that they give you insights into a destination or accommodation way before you make the decision to move in. This is important in helping you identify and avoid any potential pitfalls.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: Is legitimate?

Answer: This question has been asked by many users before. Yes, any online service that involves the exchange of money often draws skepticism, which is understandable. Nevertheless, is under a US Registered and Regulated Company, Booking Holdings. It is a legitimate site that is used by millions of travelers every year.

Question: Do I Pay Upfront on

Answer: will not charge you for booking. When you make a reservation, you will be charged by the hotel when you check into the hotel and throughout your stay in the hotel.

Question: How do I leave a review?

Answer: As stated, you can’t leave a review for a hotel if you have not booked it via and stayed in the hotel. This is in place to improve the authenticity of the reviews submitted through the platforms.

Question: Can I cancel a

Answer: You can cancel your booking anytime or change it to be coordinated with your traveling schedule. Make sure to check to double check cancellation policy if you have a special deal or non-refundable room. This information can be found under "Conditions".