Profession of Sanctification

by John Edwards

"By one offering He hath perfected forever all that come unto God through Him"

By God's will - by an act of God – I have been sanctified, consecrated and made holy, through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.

Jesus offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, and sat down on the right hand of God. Now all His enemies – and therefore all my enemies – sin, sickness, disease, pain, punishment, poverty, fear, the devil and death – are decidedly made His and my footstool.

By one offering Jesus perfected me for ever, and I am sanctified.

By an act of covenant, God made my heart and mind the same as His heart and mind.

All my sins and iniquities have been remitted – so God doesn't remember any of them anymore.

God Himself made the way for me, through the broken body and blood of Jesus – therefore I have liberty and boldness to enter into the holiest place of peace with God and into His eternal throne-room in the heavens for ever.

I have a high priest over the house of God. Therefore I draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, in unqualified assurance that I am accepted. My entire personality – spirit, heart, mind, soul and strength – lean on and depend on God in absolute and relaxed surety: for my heart is sprinkled clean, I no longer have a guilty conscience of any kind, my body is washed with pure water.

I say that I fully believe this good news of God's new covenant through the blood without wavering, and I say that it has been and is and always shall be at work in my life.

In heaven I have a better and enduring possession, and I know this on the inside of me. I am free from doubt and fear, I am strong and confident. This calm assurance in the Gospel is and always shall reward me greatly!

In my heart I have the earnest of the Spirit, I am sealed with the Spirit unto the day of redemption, I have the inner witness of the Spirit, I produce the fruit of the Spirit, I live in the comfort of the Spirit and I abound in hope, joy and peace through the Holy Ghost.

For by grace I have been saved through faith – and faith didn’t come from myself, it is the gift of God. Jesus is the author and the finisher of my faith. He will complete the good work that He started in me.

I have staying-power, and I keep believing that Jesus is my Saviour, and one day I shall eat and drink with Him in His Kingdom forever. For yet a little while, and He that shall come will come, and will not tarry.

I am justified, and I press-on with this assurance about the power of Jesus' work on Calvary! Therefore I know that God delights in me. I am saved! I am already saved, and my soul shall be saved eternally. My Father and my God through my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has given me a welcome into His eternal dwelling place.

I have received the promise of eternal life in Jesus. I am convinced; I am experiencing it! And I confess that I am a stranger and a pilgrim on the earth. I declare plainly that I seek and desire a better country, that is, an heavenly. For this reason God is not at all ashamed to be called my God - even to be surnamed my God [the God of add your name here] - for He has prepared for me a city.

By this experience which God has made available and given to me and which I have received through Jesus, I make our forefathers complete.