$5 Christmas Story

by John Edwards

God helped me buy Christmas presents!

The day before Christmas I still had three people left that I wanted to buy Christmas gifts for. So my sister invited me to go Christmas-shopping with her at Robina Town Centre.

But I didn't feel a 'release' in my spirit to go. Instead, I had an inner 'impression' that I would be going to the Salvos Store. Besides, I only had $5. So my sister and her children went to Robina without me.

While I was at home lying on my bed I started thinking about what I would like to give as Christmas gifts if only I had more money: the books Following God's Plan for your Life, How you Can Be Led by the Spirit of God, and Understanding the Anointing by Kenneth E. Hagin, came to mind.

In the afternoon I assayed to leave the house to drive to the Salvos Store to spend my $5 - but something inside of me said, "Not yet."

A while later I assayed to go again, but again I got, "Not yet."

Soon afterwards I was sitting at my desk reading my Bible when I 'heard', "You can go now."

So I drove to the Salvos Store, and as I walked in the door I was wondering whether I'd find anything worthwhile to buy as Christmas gifts for a mere $5. Immediately, I received an 'impression' that there would be something for me high up on a shelf at the right hand side of the back wall of the store.

So I walked to that section of the store, and standing there was a staff member with a pile of new stock ready to be shelved. When he saw me begin to browse through the pile of stock, he said, "Good - buy it - that stuff just came in - so I don't have to try to find a place to put it!"

It was a pile of secondhand books, which some member of the public had just donated. To my delight and surprise I came across the titles, Understanding the Anointing, Following God's Plan for Your Life, and How You can be Led by the Spirit of God, by Kenneth Hagin - the very three titles I'd longed for.

According to the staff member, the books had only just arrived in-store.

Had I gone to the Store any earlier in the day like I originally assayed to, the titles might not yet have been ready to be placed on display.

And each book cost only $1.

Truly we never need to deviate from the pathway of obedience in order to receive God's provision of our heart's desires.

"Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."

"Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass."