How God Gave Me a Car

John Edwards

One morning when I woke up, still lying in bed, I saw a "vision" of the Mitsubishi Motors logo - the three red diamonds.

I told the Lord, "I'm content not to seek a car, but if I'm meant to have one, it probably won't happen unless someone just delivers one to me, without me paying one cent, not even thinking about it, not even filling-out any paper work".

And I left it at that.

A short time later I felt the Lord telling me to travel to Boonah to visit a friend. In my mind I started thinking about all the train and bus connections I would need to use to get there from the Gold Coast - but I agreed to do it.

As soon as I got up to go, the Lord unexpectedly said, "Wait until you have a car."

Wait until I have a car? I wondered how long that would take!

Only two hours later the phone rang. It was a friend of mine, and he told me, "In prayer this morning the Lord gave me two words: ‘car’ and ‘John’. I feel like I'm meant to give you my car. But I need a confirmation - could you use a car right now?"

So I told him what the Lord said to me only a couple of hours earlier.

"That's all the confirmation I need,” he said, “When can I come over?"

So the next day he came over. He had already paid for the car; already obtained the roadworthy certificate; paid for a full service; already taken it to the Department of Transport for inspection; paid the registration; and already filled-out all the Transfer of Registration paperwork.

All I needed to do was sign my name - which I did, without even having seen the vehicle yet - I just signed my name. I was so assured it was from the Lord.

Having acquired my signature my friend said, "I'll be back about 5pm", and he left to finalize some more details.

After it was all said and done I walked out to look at the car, and I wondered where I might see the red Mitsubishi Motors logo that I'd seen by the Spirit weeks before. Something inside me said, "There it is."

I looked-up and there it was: the three red diamonds, on a burgundy '93 Mitsubishi Magna, with a CD player and airconditioner - all the components I'd desired in a car.

What’s more, the next day I commanded the angels to go forth and cause whatever money to come in that I may need to cover any extra expenses with the car.

That very day someone dropped an envelope into my house containing $500 cash.

All this happened while I sat at home - never gave a minute's thought to getting this particular vehicle, never looked for it, didn't fill-out any paperwork, and didn't spend one dollar to get it.

That's how God works when He is giving you something that you are truly meant to have. Praise God!

How You Can Receive from God

Again and again I've experienced that this is how it is when receiving anything from God. It doesn’t require any strenuous effort. It all comes from above.

That's how Adam received his wife - he slept. That's how Isaac received his wife - Abraham's servant searched for her while Isaac meditated in the field. That's how we receive salvation - not by working for it but by entering into the rest of faith.

Whether it's salvation that a person is asking for, or healing, or the baptism with the Holy Ghost, or a job, or finances, or favour, or guidance—or anything at all for that matter – the principles of receiving are exactly the same:

1. Know it's the will of God

Ascertain whether you really want this thing, and whether it is His will

2. Ask for it, claim it, command the angels to go out and cause it to come to pass

Or even to just quietly commit it to the Lord is enough. Simply commit it into His heart and into His arms

3. Believe you've received

4. And then leave it there!

Instead of thinking you need to do something more or run around trying to make it happen, don't do anything, unless the Lord leads you to.

No need to even think about how it may come about, nor whether there may be something more that you need to be doing. No.

Instead, whenever you think of the issue again, simply adopt a resting, trusting, contented frame of mind.

Say to yourself, "It's already a done deal."

And don't act any other way.

Simply think, talk and act as though it is so – in a resting, trusting, content frame of mind.

Don't be driven into any other type of activity to try to bring it about.

5. And you shall have it!

Think about it: that's how you got saved! That's how you got baptized with the Holy Ghost! It'll be just the same with receiving anything else from God.

Anytime anyone ever claimed salvation from the Lord, they got it straightaway. No-one ever came out on an altar-call for salvation and the Lord said to them, “I will give it (salvation) to you one day if it be my will – but not today.” No. They got it straightaway.

Same with being baptized with the Holy Ghost. God doesn’t delay or hold-back when a person wants to receive the Holy Ghost. The moment a person asks for it, he receives it, he gets filled, and off he goes speaking with tongues and glorifying God.

Actually healing can be received the same way, because in God’s mind, our healing was already given to us on Calvary. All that’s left for us to do now is claim it – and we can have it.

Just like salvation, just like being baptized with the Holy Ghost - healing can be received the same way.

But when it comes to finances, or receiving a material object like a car, sometimes there is a time-delay before we see it. This is because the money we need or the car we need (or whatever else it is) is down here on planet earth – it’s not up there in heaven.

Spiritual things like salvation or the Holy Ghost or healing God can give someone immediately. But when it comes to something that’s right here on this earth, God uses people to give it to you.

“Give and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over shall MEN give into your bosom...” said Jesus (Luke 6:38).

Because God uses men to give you such things, there may be a time delay before you see it.

But in the eyes of God – as far as you and God are concerned – the transaction is already done, even before you see it.

You already received it the moment you claimed it.

“What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” Mk 11:24

When do you believe you receive them? “When you pray.”

Not when you “have” them – because then you wouldn’t need to believe you receive them – you would be able to see them right in front of your eyes. That wouldn’t require believing.

So actually Jesus is saying that you “receive them” when you pray – even before you “have them”. You’ve already received them. Hallelujah!

There is nothing more on your part that needs to be done now. Leave it to God now.

He’s on the case – and it will come to pass.

“…ye shall have them.”