Activating Angels

by John Edwards

"Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?" Hebrews 1:14

I heard brother Hagin say in a sermon that God told him something like:

"From now on don't ask me anymore for money. Instead claim it - by commanding Satan to take his hands off your money, then tell the angels to go forth and cause the money that you need to come in".

I'd assumed that asking God, or even simply trusting God, automatically put the angels to work at God's command, without us directly commanding them.

But I decided to give it a go.

After calculating that my needs amounted to somewhere between $100 and $110, I made my request known to God, named the amount, and by made a conscious decision that the angels were now on assignment to go forth and cause the money to come in, having been activated by my faith.

That night I went to a mid-week meeting at church, and it so happened that the usual leader had been called away - so I was asked to stand-in as the speaker.

During the meeting a helper took-up an offering, counted it, placed it in an envelope, and wrote the amount on the envelope.

Afterwards I noticed the amount: $107.

This fitted the parametres of my request, so I wondered whether the leader would give it to me as an honorarium for having stood-in as the speaker, but he didn't - the leader didn't give me anything.

After the meeting I went out to a coffee shop with some friends.

Later as we were leaving the coffee shop, one of my friends said, "I feel led to give you some money...let me check if I have the amount in my wallet that I feel led to give you."

He opened his wallet, then handed me $100.

Immediately another of my friends standing by said, "I'm going to add $10 to that."

So without me having said anything to anyone, God caused the amount that I requested to come in.

It seems that if we nominate a range of two amounts - say between $100 and $110 - $107 won't be God - it will be the higher of the two amounts that God is fixing to give you!