Personal Confession


"You shall have whatsoever you say"

I confess that I am a child of God and through the blood of Jesus Christ my name is written down in heaven and I shall dwell there forever!

I confess that God dwells in me and His Spirit is bearing witness with my spirit and leading me both to will and to do after His good pleasure.

I confess that He has guided me and I know His will in all things.

I confess that I have the mind of Christ – a sound mind of power and love where there is no fear – none whatever.

I am healed from all pain & disease.

Fear, anxiety, guilt and unfinished business are all finished!

My house is built-up by wisdom.

I am the seed of Abraham.

I am blessed with the wealth of heaven and earth.

I declare supernatural debt eradication.

I am a giver!

And I confess that men shall give to me.

Bless you, Lord God Almighty!