Heaven Is Real

Hear one girl's experience of heaven with Jesus

by John Edwards

One day I was invited to preach to a youth group in Ashmore, Queensland, Australia.

I shared my usual message: that Jesus likes to visit us by His Spirit - and all we need to do is give Him time, and He'll do it.

So after I finished speaking, I suggested we sing just one more worship song, and then welcome the Holy Spirit to have the rest of the time.

And as soon as we finished singing, the presence of the Lord began to touch the youth.

All of them cried, laughed, shook or ended-up on the floor, as the Holy Spirit began to fill them.

Some of them saw visions, and I would like to share with you the experience of one of the girls in particular.

We saw her crying and laughing. She said she was taken to heaven in the visions of God.

She saw Jesus and first He took her to the River of Life, where He played with her and splashed her with water. The water was so refreshing it made her laugh.

Then Jesus said, "Come, I'll show you the house that I am preparing for you".

Jesus took her to a beautiful house where the walls were decorated with roses.

Jesus said, "For every person that you lead to me, I will decorate your house with one more rose".

Then He took her to a balcony, and overlooking the side of the balcony, she saw hell - a lake of fire that reached as far as the eye could see.

In the midst of the fire was a mound, and standing on the mound was a big snake - the devil - where he was not being hurt by the flames.

"When the devil saw me, he tried to get me," said the girl, "but he couldn't get me because I was with Jesus".

"Then Jesus took me back to the river where He played with me and we splashed around some more," she said.

She saw that Jesus' hands were pierced - from when He had died on the cross.

Then in her love for Jesus, she handed Him a red rose.

When she handed the rose to Him, its thorns pierced her own hands, like His were pierced.

It was at this moment in her vision that I had laid hands on her in prayer during the meeting and said, "Don't let it concern you that your love for Jesus will cost you something too..."

She had tears and love in her eyes.

Beloved, there is either a heavenly home or there is a hellish hole waiting for each of us, where we will spend eternity.

Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me".

Jesus' death on the cross provided our salvation.

So repent of your sins and believe in Jesus today - so that on the Last Day you also can be raised up from death to receive life eternal and be with Christ forever in His glorious Kingdom.

"The wages of sin is death - but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord".