Stories Showing JESUS at Work in People's Lives

One morning when I woke up, still lying in bed, I saw

a vision of the Mitsubishi Motors Logo - the three red


I told the Lord, 'I'm content not to seek a car, so if I'm

to have one, it probably won't happen unless someone

just delivers one to me without me paying one cent,

not even thinking about it, not looking for it, not even

filling-out any paper work.' And I left it at that.

A short time later...

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Visit from the Lord Jesus

Read one person's account of answered prayer and a

vision of the Lord Jesus Christ...

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Visions of Heaven

Two 14yr-old girls at Nerang, Queensland experienced

heaven in a vision, and saw angels, and spoke with the

apostles Peter and John...

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The Coming Revival

The coming revival will bear the same characteristics of the

beginning of the Gospel:

* It will be miraculous

* And it will attract the attention of whole regions...

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