We are part of the "Jane's Walk" movement and help to organise the walks for Plymouth. We will list them here on this page and provide a link to register for the walks and workshops. To return to our home page please click here on eserve.org.uk - Upcoming walks listed below...

(Re)Counting Steps 10am Tuesday 3rd March 2020. The Cornerstone Heritage Research Centre launches its 2020 public engagement programme with a doctoral study day at the Royal William Yard, Plymouth. It is your opportunity to take part in field research and gain a certificate for you personal development portfolio. FREE but please register (poster download below) docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScFIMRI0wKd5KbjjxVtcahBElID6p5WKk2Rh17I6uLvdK9-QA/viewform?usp=sf_link

A pilot Jane's Walk will take place on Wednesday 25 September 2019, 2pm until 4pm.

Please meet in Room 235 Cookworthy Building, Hampton Street, Plymouth PL4 8AA.

Our walk title is Outside The Box and will be a very short walk to the back of The Box on Regent Street.

It is free, but places are limited so please book on our Google Forms form here.

Our big event, planned for early May 2020 is the Hawthorn Walk or in French "La route de l'aubépine". We have given it a French name because our aim is to discover and document a practical but enjoyable walking route from the railway station down through Stonehouse to the ferry terminal. It is for visitors who are travelling without a car from France and arriving at, or departing from the Mill Bay ferry port with Brittany Ferries.

We have completed initial research and walking and have begun to discover interesting historical places, mainly from the nineteenth century as Stonehouse developed its status with a Town Hall, now gone, and at least two important secondary schools, still standing but converted to housing. Our aim is to build a route that has stories to tell along the way, is convenient and well-mapped for visitors and ends with a café. In fact, we have made a discovery already of a café and restaurant at the port terminal. We are hoping that other cafés and attractions will emerge as the event draws closer.

Our researchers and travel-writer students will be on the walk to collect more information and to capture their own experiences and emotions of the places along the route and this will begin to form an archive of way-tales for future explorers of this side of Plymouth city.

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