Remember how this research method is called Framework Analysis? To make a framework in which to see correlations in your coded data you must also make Case Nodes. In the left margin of your NVivo screen, these are simply called Cases, please see the screen-shot from my Writing Nantes project above. I am interested in how coverage of my themes, coded as simple Nodes, changes through the years of publication of the travel articles.

Once these Case Nodes are coded to my travel articles by year, I can make and run a Framework Matrix. If you want the extracts of text you have coded to appear in your spreadsheet be sure to select Auto Summarize, my screen-shot below shows this:


Right-Click on the mouse from within the on-screen report and you can select Export Framework Matrix to save your work as an Excel spreadsheet. Please see my example for you as a Download at the foot of this web-page...

A useful tip, once you have the spreadsheet open in Excel, use Zoom out View to about 35% to give yourself a heads-up overview of which cells are busy and which are empty, like this: