Structure and Space in Place Writing - Work-Out

This workshop focuses on opening your travel piece with a section of place writing to engage your readers. It gives you the opportunity to engage fully with the town or city you are working in, and to understand how the opening scene can let you structure the whole piece you are writing.

Structure and Space

Working in the field gives you chance to collect field-notes that you will refer to when completing your write-up. Field-notes, well documented with date, time, place and the local names of particular buildings and neighbourhoods lends authenticity to your writing and is more helpful for your readers when they visit the place you describe, please see Mansfield (2015b). Please see new eBook below...

The University of Plymouth offers a Masters in Travel Writing and you can pursue a PhD in travel writing practice in the tourism industry with Plymouth. The Masters programme is two years part-time so that you can continue in your professional role while you study. It is called a ResM, Research Masters. Click to view PDF here


Mansfield, C. (2019) Methods for Travel Writers, Plymouth: Google Play Book Store

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