Lit Review

Your Literature Review Base Camp is your way of starting to build your academic tourism knowledge in the library from books and academic journals. We will do a workshop on this in the library but first please take a look through the slides here on Google:

Literature Review Base Camp

A useful way to store your Lit Review Base Camp is in your Google+ Documents drive so that you can add to it wherever you are in the library or in book-shops when travelling on tourism fieldwork.

Library Plan

Short url for Library Plan

If you buy eBooks online with Google Play Books you can add notes as you read the textbook. Your notes will be stored automatically in a document in your Google Drive within a folder called Play Books Notes, like this:

Play Books Notes in Google

Example note-taking from Researching Literary Tourism

Add Note in Google Play Books

Your notes will appear in a Google Doc in your Google Drive like this:

Note format

Try a free eBook from Google Play Books here

or scan to go direct on your 'phone