Another way of framing your data is to use build a Query using Matrix Coding. Please see screen-shot for my example above. I want to see which travel articles cover which of the themes from Place Branding. The 15 themes are my coded Nodes. First, I start a new Matrix Query and make the Rows of the spreadsheet my Travel Articles, basically all of my collected data.

Remember to Add to List, once you have Selected all the Project Items you wish to plot, like this:


Then I need to make the Columns my themes by selecting all my Nodes. In your Description box it is useful to type in you query as a research question, like my example: 'Which Travel Articles cover which Place Branding themes?' I name my Matrix Coding Query and run it to give me this plotted, graphical chart:


At a glance I can see that the Travel Article 03, in green, addresses 5 of the themes from Place Branding. While some themes are not covered by any of the articles. This is very useful overview information as I start to think more about memo writing to develop my findings.

Again, just like the Framework, you can right-button click, and Export Node Matrix as an Excel spreadsheet then use the chart plotting features in Excel to explore your findings still further, please see my example as a download at the foot of this web-page...