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Toureme presents lectures in tourism and heritage management along with longer web-labs.  I began to use Google Sites for these open lectures so that students have access to the lectures even when off campus on fieldwork, and the pages display well on smartphones.  Productivity on these Web 2.0 sites is much better than on my own server at eserve.org.uk for this type of longer text material.   
I hope you enjoy using the materials, please reference the work if you cite from it:

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Mansfield, C. (2017) Toureme - Tourism Knowledge Transfer [online] Available at: eserve.org.uk [Accessed + today's date].

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About the Author
Dr Charlie Mansfield is a lecturer in Tourism Management and French and has been with Plymouth University in Devon, UK since 2009.  His doctoral work examined French literary tourism and it is during this research that he first coined the term, toureme, to describe a moment during holiday-making when meaning is created by the cultural capital of the visitor combining with the previously mediated meaning of the place.  Charlie is programme Leader for the ResM Routes in Travel Writing & French Culture & Society.  He is research leader for the TKT group in SERC at Plymouth University.  Please follow our Travel Writing blog on WordPress at eserve.org.uk

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