What We Do

Our mission and activities

The mission of Sustain Door is to promote the social, economic, and environmental sustainability of Door County.”

Sustain Door seeks to engage the public and leaders of government and business in a reorientation of daily practices to ensure that meeting present needs will not compromise the ability of future generations of Door county citizens to meet their needs nor the natural systems upon which they will depend.

In following our mission, the members of Sustain Door, engage in numerous activities.

We give presentations for local groups, organizations, governmental bodies, schools, etc.

We conduct a session which we call a Study Circle which focuses on one of several books which explain the principles, history and progress of The Natural Step international organization. In doing so we encourage participants to bring in all manner of other materials and explore each topic. These sessions are informal and cooperative. One experienced member acts as a facilitator.

We take field trips to examples of sustainable living or businesses.

We start up community projects and enlist other like-minded groups to participate.

We attend public planning sessions, governmental discussions, etc and seek to influence public policy in the direction of sensible, future-oriented, planning and development.

We invite speakers on related topics to address the Door County public.

We organize or lend a hand with events promoting sustainability.

Sponsored by Sustain Door, of Door County, Wisconsin, USA sustaindoor@gmail.com