Fair Food

Restaurants and Producers - in Mural Gym

and full lunch in Cafeteria

Contributors listed in alphabetical order:

Lunch in the Cafeteria from 11:00 to 1:3o:

Provider Items

Base Camp Coffee, Strata

The Cookery Whitefish Chowder, canned goods

Harbor Landing Polish Sausage, Veggie Tart

Orchard Country Apple Cider & Cherry Juice

Perry's Cherry Diner Cherry wraps

Sully's Produce Canned goods, bakery & herbs

Sweetie Pies Cherry pie slices and cherry bars

The Washington Hotel Bread and Whitefish Spread

The Whistling Swan Potato Bisque & Mixed Salad

The Wild Tomato (Diggers) Pizza & Salad

Snacks All Day in Mural Gym:

Glas Coffee House Coffee & Bakery

Healthy Way Smoothies, and Healthy Snacks

Cherrydale Farms Snacks, Veggies

Greens & Grains Healthy Snacks, Bread