PV Report

Post date: Apr 29, 2010 8:42:45 PM

A report from John Hippensteel

installer of the Photovoltaic array on Highway 42:

Hey, I thought the fair went very well with a great turnout of over 500 people. Great presenters, great vendors, great attendees & great volunteers. Let's thank Mother Nature for holding off one day on the much needed rain!

In case you are curious, the PV array produced about three times as much energy as we used yesterday, leaving a credit on the Historical Society's meter of about $10.

Collin's Learning Center used 39 KWH. The Historical Society used 30 KWH (and this included running a heat pump, etc.) for a total of 69 KWH

The 2 Kilowatt PV array out on the highway produced 179 KWH.

This left 104 KWH of extra production.

It is rare that an event like this would produce more with a PV array than it consumes, but then we had the PV array up for 3 weeks "saving" up this energy.

Thanks for helping to make this a success.

Sincerely John