Sustainable Communities Webinars

Co-sponsored by Sustain Door, Inc. and the Door County office of UW-Extension - Community Development

Several Webinar sessions were held this year:

Sustainability Indicators and Measurement

Tuesday, May 19th, 11:30-12:30 PM

Sturgeon Bay City Hall Community Room

Presenter: John Talberth, Director, Sustainability Indicators Program, Redefining Progress

It’s one thing to pass a resolution to become a sustainable community or adopt a corporate sustainability policy and another to make steady progress toward that end. How do you gauge overall health and long-term sustainability? Sustainability indicators use data to measure that progress. The resulting information can be used to raise awareness about community health, the environment, social well being and economic development. Learn about an array of indicator models across the country and how they are used as a basis for further policy development, funding targets, and improved activities and strategies to promote sustainability.

Community Organizing for Sustainability

Tuesday, June 16th, 11:30-12:30 PM

Sister Bay/Liberty Grove Fire Department South Station meeting room

Presenter: Mary Rehwald, Community Educator and Local Community Organizer in Ashland, Wisconsin

Where does a community start if it is interested in organizing for sustainability? Who takes the lead? What are the roles of local governments, local businesses, and local organizations? Do we need a “fire soul” to lead the effort? Why do some communities seem to move forward while others don’t? Is it easier to pursue sustainability in urban versus rural areas? This session explores these questions and offers examples that include study circles, early adopter projects, comprehensive planning, and local sustainability alliances.