Fair 2010 Exhibitor Application

Exhibitors are needed for the fair. Last year we had over 50 exhibitors and 300 to 400 attendees. The exhibitor hall was an exciting place with lots of activity all day. This year we will be at Crossroads at Big Creek in the historical village. There is space for about 30 exhibits within the buildings and ample space outside for tents and tables.

Exhibitors should display, hand out, or sell products, services, or educational materials that are sustainable in nature and function. Use the four system conditions of the Natural Step to evaluate the sustainability of your product or service.

The Natural Step System Conditions

In a Sustainable Society Nature is not subjected to systematically increasing:

1. concentrations of substances extracted from the earth's crust.

2. concentrations of substances produced by mankind.

3. degradation by physical means.

And in that society:

4. people are not systematically prevented from meeting their needs.

Here are some examples of ways to use this list of conditions: Products and services that are produced locally consume less fuel for transportation and help to meet system condition one. Products and services that are produced without chemicals or with fewer or less toxic chemicals will help to meet system condition two. Products that are produced in a way that is fair to the people producing them will help to meet system condition four. Products or services that recycle and use recycled materials are more sustainable than those that use new materials and send waste to the dump. Energy that is made from renewable resources is more sustainable than energy from fossil fuels.

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