Sustain Door, Inc.

The mission of Sustain Door is to promote the social, economic, and environmental sustainability of Door County.

Sustain Door Annual Meeting

To be held via Zoom this year

It will be held on Friday, March 12th, 2021 at 6pm Central Time

If you have not received an invite already, and would like to attend, send a request to: and you will soon get an invite!

This is about all we have been able to do in the year of Covid!!


Don't miss the Winter Fest in Fish Creek Feb 2, 2019!

Sustain Door
of Door County, Wisconsin,
is part of the international movements of

The Natural Step and The Transition Initiative

The Natural Step is a non-profit, research, education and advisory organization that uses a science-based framework to help organizations, schools, businesses, individuals and communities move toward sustainability.

Briefly, the world is facing two dangerous trends: diminishing resources and a burgeoning human population. These two trends cannot fail but lead to a disaster of planetary proportions. When, is debatable, but that it will come if we do not change these trends, is not debatable.

The Natural Step identifies four conditions necessary for a sustainable society.
The Natural Step System Conditions

In the sustainable society,

  1. nature is not subject to increasing concentrations of substances extracted from the earth's crust,
  2. nature is not subject to increasing concentrations of substances produced by society,
  3. nature is not subject to increasing degradation by physical means, and
  4. human needs are met efficiently and equitably.
These system conditions lead to four fundamental objectives which could guide all plans and activities of any business, community, school, or nation that hopes to continue for generations to come.
The Natural Step Objectives
1. Eliminate the contribution to fossil fuel dependence and to wasteful use of metals and minerals taken from the earth.

2. Eliminate dependence upon persistent chemicals and unnecessary use of synthetic substances.

3. Curtail encroachment upon nature by physical means.

4. Meet human needs fairly, justly, efficiently and universally.

If all four of these points are given even weight, the outcome will be beneficial to the organization and to the planet as well. Then we will be able to bequeath to our descendants a world of beauty and abundance. Using th
ese guiding principles has already led to brilliant new ideas which have created thousands of new businesses while healing longstanding problems in communities around the world.  We are sure you will want to hear about these positive examples!   More details?

The Transition Initiative is a world wide effort to motivate and facilitate local communities to gather their intrinsic resources to face the twin challenges of Oil Depletion and Climate change - as it is apparent that nation government and multinational corporations are unwilling and unable to meet these challenges.

Membership information is on our resources page.

We are looking for ways to apply these concepts to situations here in Door County. Sustain Door is non-partisan and unaffiliated. Please join us to find ways to put The Natural Step into action here in Door County. Call 743-3337 for more information. Or email us at:

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