I’ve had a longstanding fondness for technology. When I started editing the journal Molecular Vision, I had the greatest interest in information science and technology on the editorial team. Besides editing, I managed and implemented all of our information technology. As Molecular Vision is distributed digitally and without subscription fees, this had a wide scope and a minuscule budget. To learn more about the tools at my disposal, I started attending presentations at local user groups. Eventually, I started giving presentations.

This section of the site offers a variety of things for download. You’ll find slides and/or handouts from most of the technology presentations I’ve given. These cover a broad range of topics; some are appropriate for the novice and others are more advanced. There are several small software projects that I’ve released over the years; you may find one or more of them useful. Finally, I’ve included some of my efforts at marketing a digital journal. These are probably not useful for anything more than a chuckle.