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Peer Reviewed Abstracts

Cristol SM, Lee JH, Kim WC, Chung ES, Tchah H, Kim MS, Nam CM, Cho H-S, Kim EK. Estimating the prevalence of granular corneal dystrophy type 2 (Avellino corneal dystrophy) in the Korean population. ARVO Annual Meeting; 2010 May 2-6; Fort Lauderdale, FL. [Abstract] [Poster]

Kim EK, Cho HJ, Ahn SY, Choi YJ, Kim TI, Cristol S, Choi SI. Lysosomal Traffic and Degradation of βig-h3 Protein. ARVO Annual Meeting; 2007 May 6-10; Fort Lauderdale, FL. [Abstract]

Cristol SM, Chung SH, Kim WC, Choi SY, Stulting RD, Lee HK, Kim EK. Treating Avellino corneal dystrophy with a conjunctival flap over the mid-peripheral cornea. ARVO Annual Meeting; 2005 May 1-5; Fort Lauderdale, FL. [Abstract]

Kim EK, Jung S, Park J, Cristol SM, Kim CY, Seo KY, Lee H. Using an amniotic membrane pressure patch to treat the LASIK flap with a central defect and epithelial ingrowth. ARVO Annual Meeting; 2004 April 25-29; Fort Lauderdale, FL. [Abstract]

Cristol SM, Rengarajan K, Mehta M, Nickerson JM. Quantifying Small DNA Concentrations using Fluorometry. ARVO Annual Meeting; 2002 May 5-10; Fort Lauderdale, FL. [Abstract]

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