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Schick Silk Effects Razor - microfine safety wires protect you from nicks and cuts.


The IRobot Roomba


Toasters that Think.  Back to Basics egg and muffin 2-slice toaster and egg poacher
This IS the coolest kitchen gadget ever!!  I'm actually considering getting another one (or two...) just in case they are ever discontinued. 

You can cook hard or soft boiled eggs (1-4 at a time) without the usual risk of fires!  The nice large slots will hold the wide bread slices and thick bagels.  Poaches eggs, heats Canadian bacon, cooks toast, all simultaneously and TIMED TO END TOGETHER!! <SHOCK!> (I can't manage that kind of timing even when I'm on my meds.)

Alpha Relaxation System CD
What better way to deal with insomnia than using mind control?  It's easy and fun! 

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