We're not talking about what happens when you don't pay the rent - at least, not for the moment.  A big reason things pile up is that they don't belong anywhere.  Books with no bookshelf.  Odd socks with no odd sock basket.  Receipts with no receipt holder thingie.  You get the idea.

If you notice a place where certain things continually pile up, maybe it's time to give them a home there.  Like when the neighbor's chihuahua decides he's going to live with you now.  You put a basket-bed out for him, because you're a nice person.  Be a nice person.  Give stuff a home. 

Plastic Drawer Units

We are always looking for excuses to buy plastic drawer units (not recommended for chihuahuas).  They come in many different sizes, large and small - you can even get plastic filing cabinets.  Shelves with decorative baskets also work well for larger items.

A few words of caution, however:
  • Before you buy a container, you must first have in mind a USE for it. 
  • Know where the container will belong, what it will hold, and measure the area to determine the size you need. 

Some uses we have found for plastic drawer units include:

  • Organizing makeup, toiletries and hair accessories. Drawers can be removed from the unit while in use. 
  • Use for office supplies like post-its, tape, markers, pens, envelopes, stamps, stapler and staples.
  • Large plastic drawer units can be used for clothing.  Try using two identical drawer units - one for clothes that are out of season, and one for clothes you are currently using.  Drawers can be swapped as the seasons change.   
  • Closet organizers - make sense of the stuff on the floor of the coat closet (or any closet) for once!  Gloves in one drawer, umbrellas in another, etc.
  • Projects - if drawers are removable, you can access them quickly and have a place to store them until they are finished.
  • Put drawer units INSIDE cabinets.  No drawers in your bathroom?  Tupperware-style containers fall out of the cabinet all of the time?  Just find the right - sized drawer to fit in your cabinet.

And remember to visit the Closet Organization Page
Your mother would be so proud!

A Place Called Chuck

As hard as it may be to admit, a lot of those things that don't seem to belong anywhere really do belong in a special place we like to call Chuck.  It's where you put all those things that have outlived their usefulness.  Don't let them outlive you!

You know that place we're talking about: the trash,  the recycling bin, the donation bin -wherever you chuck things.  Odds and ends.  Stuff.  Junk.  Scraps.  Stuff that you think you might need someday.  Stuff that you bought because you were going to use it, wear it, sell it.  But you didn't.  Chuck it.