For Women

Women with ADD have special challenges: effectiveness of medication can vary dramatically according to the time of the month.  Declining hormone levels at menopause can magnify symptoms.  Women especially need to be proactive in educating themselves, not just about ADD, but about wellness topics. 

Here are some links to web sites that we have found to be resources for women with AD/HD.

StayWithMeHere Presents:
A Highly Recommended Book

PMS - Solving the Puzzle, Sixteen Causes of Premenstrual Syndrome and What to Do About It, by Linaya Hahn.

This book is EXCELLENT.  It's only 180 pages, yet it contains many tidbits of info the author has been piecing together over the years.  It really makes sense and gives suggestions for putting this knowledge to use.

The best thing about this book is that it's short.  Even someone who doesn't like to read can benefit from it because it's likely they will finish the book!